"This makes for a very interesting read.

I understand that it is based on ancient Jewish teachings and Kabalah but is the work of fiction. Having said that you could almost believe in the mysticism of the writing and wonder at the truth.

Definitely recommend it."  A Honickberg

"LIGHT - A Cracking good read combining horror, mystery, excitement with characters that come alive, against a backdrop of Jewish kabbalah and religious practices.  Well written and researched looking forward to the next book."  Geoff Bennett on Amazon.co.uk

Praise for Light

"This is one of my favourite genres and Wow Eric Rendel has certainly delivered a cracking novel. I know little about the Jewish religion but I found myself totally engrossed in this biblical fantasy of mythological horror, demons and heros. The concept of the story was so original that I couldn't even imagine where it was all going.
This is at times a very graphic and gruesome story that had me reading at an incredible speed to see what would happen next. Each of the characters were very distinctive and easy to remember so the whole novel flowed beautifully. I loved the character of Jake, the black sheep of the family really, but my favourite story line has to be that of Shmueli. Totally jaw dropping stuff.  This book has to be in my top favourites in this genre. Totally gripping, brilliant story and perfectly delivered.  A must buy for readers of this genre."  Susan Hampson

Author and Novelist

"Gripping from start to finish, scared me to death in parts.reminds me of Dan Brown, brilliant writing,we wait with bated breath for the next novel." Mrs Jacqueline Brown on Amazon.co.uk

"The surprising story of an average guy who discovers a personal connection to the past through the mystical world of Kabbalah. The story builds to a powerful climax of good versus evil." T Rendel on Amazon.com/au

"A fantastic novel. I am usually not particularly excited by adventure/quest fiction (I never warmed to the Lord of the Rings much to the disgust of my friends) but I found your novel extremely compelling and just wanted to keep reading, particularly the early chapters and of course the exciting conclusion." Colin Cohn - Australia
"Eric Rendel's Light is an interesting story. The plot was quite unique so I finished the book within two day sitting. The character of Jake is interesting and story is well paced. As you move ahead in further chapters, you find the plot even more intriguing. There are some words that had me puzzled but author did a good job of explaining the meaning of those at the start of the book.
If you like fantasy thriller fiction then this is the one you should go for. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book! Definitely a must read and I highly recommend it." Ryuken Iwaski on various Blogs

"Absolutely gripping from beginning to end. A great read!" Janet Cohen

"A Jewish mystical version of the multiverse. Well researched and brilliantly written. A new Michael Moorcock."  Paul  Newham

"A really good read, engaging with pace. Reminded me of the Da Vinci Code. Looking forward to next book." S Ison on Amazon.co.uk

"I enjoyed reading Light, it’s a fantasy thriller which had me gripped in its power and I didn't want to put it down. As the main character Jake searches for the answers to a riddle, he discovers before the creation of Heaven and Earth something dark, sinister and evil was created that can mold your mind and make you see and do what it wants. The author gives an insight into orthodox Judaism along the way too."  Chancer on Amazon.co.uk

"Compelling! I couldn't stop reading from the first page to the thrilling conclusion. Surprisingly enjoyable, it's the best fiction I've read for quite a while."  thedataguy on Amazon.com/au

For an interview with the author and a review please visit Thursday Throng.

Part of the review is extracted here - "Light is an intriguing novel that crosses genre boundaries, mixing as it does Kabbalistic mysteries with orthodox Jewish Theology, science fantasy, fantasy horror, adventure and Dan Brownesque mystery. It is a real assault on the reading senses, challenging us to understand and comprehend so many different scenarios and possible outcomes in every single chapter.......................................

If you like mystical adventure type novels which transcend time and space then this will be one to pack in the suitcase for your next holiday."